Monday, October 01, 2012


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Spelling Bee: On to the Nationals now...

We are absolutely thrilled and proud!

Why shouldn't we be? Just got the news that Anirud has made it to the Nationals of 'Spelling Bee' contest, which means he is one among the 600 left in the fray nationally. To think that we didn't pay much attention to this competition due to summer holidays and other factors, the entire credit for this goes to the brat. 

National Level Championship will happen around mid-September and we are so pleased for him. Wish him luck for the next round folks.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday Baby

Allow me the pleasure of inviting you to visit the new blog of our little one - Wednesday Baby. Much like Anirud's blog, this new blog is an attempt to capture the younger one's progress. Some day, when the Daddy finds time, he will integrate both the blog at some common location and try to look cool!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spelling Bee - State Level Championship

Apart from getting excited about his bro, Anirud was also taking part in the Spelling Bee - State Level Championship at Bangalore, as he got through the Inter School rounds. He worked really hard, especially on the pronunciation keys that were hard for us to master. The fact that around he was one among the 1900 chaps that got qualified from the initial 23000+ was enough to prove how hard he worked.

When he got out of the competition, I asked him how it went. They had asked him to spell the word 'mucus' - which he had not heard before. He has asked for the meaning of the word, which was 'the liquid that comes out of your nose'. He still wasn't sure about the spelling and replied 'mucos'. He was a bit irritated and said, 'Sali pa... that sali. I didn't know what it is'.

The results will be out in the last week of July and let us see if he gets to the National round.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Big Brother

Ever since Anirud learnt that there is going to be another baby at home, he was super excited. Since that day, he wished / assumed that the baby is going to be a girl, as he wanted a "baby sister". He accompanied his mom to every scan and observed every tiny detail with intent. During the second trimester, they did a 4-dimensional scan which was as good as a video clearly showing the baby's face - Anirud's excitement levels shot up to the sky and beyond. He was pestering us to get gifts, toys and what not for the baby even when the D-day was a good few months away. Whenever he saw any other baby anywhere, he smiled and sometimes he said to us "Our baby will be tiny like this, but will be very pretty as well amma". He felt sorry for the baby that it hasn't seen United Kingdom, Switzerland or Holland as he has seen. He was even saying that there are good nurseries nearby where the baby could be admitted and the list went on. Simply put, for the last few months Anirud put the baby in every thought that crossed his mind. He left us with no doubt that he would make the best elder brother in the world.

At a point in time, we told him that it might be a brother (may not be a sister), so that he is mentally prepared. "I would like it to be a sister. If it is a brother, it is okay. I will get to play with him a lot" was his answer.

On the day of the delivery, while the baby and the mom was wheeled back to the hospital room, the nurse asked Anirud to stretch his hands and placed the baby on his hand. One saw a 1000 watt glow on his face. Spontaneously he said, "Welcome baby brother! Welcome to your new world". A little over two days later, he still counts himself as the luckiest as he is the first in the family to hold the little one. Praying the almighty for this love to be reciprocated. Praying Him for the bonding to grow stronger in the years to come. Praying for a fulfilled life for both the brothers.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Class II

As Anirud resumed schooling at Class II with crisp uniforms, notebooks neatly wrapped up and with all sorts of freshness associated with a new year, He was moved to section D in Class 2 with all the students jumbled up and spread across various sections. His closest buddy Abhinav had moved to a different school. In any case, Class II started off on a good note with the brat enjoying the new environment at the same school. The quantum of workload in terms of homework and other activities have also increased a little bit.

At home front, his TT classes had to be discontinued because the coach didn't turn up one fine day. But, Anirud was more than happy to enrol for Basket Ball coaching at our apartment premises.

So, another year rolls by and our little boy is slowly turning into a young man.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Annual Holidays

It was the first annual vacation in India for Anirud and he spent couple of weeks each at Trichy and Chennai. At Chennai, where he stayed at his paternal grandparent's place, he stayed without us. We were quite anxious that he might get bored at some point and expected my parents to bring him to Bangalore in a matter of few days. But, that didn't happen and he had a jolly, good time with lots of books, TV and a visit to Birla Planetarium.

There are lot of summer camps on everything under the sun happening in our area, but we enrolled him only in Table Tennis - as we had planned this trip to Trichy and Chennai a while ago. It so happened that he had 4 lessons of TT before breaking for vaction only to learn upon returning that the TT coach has been terminated by our apartment association.

With many children in is age group out on vacation, the community is really very quiet. Anirud literaly kills his time with books, IPL, Wii games and occasional cycling. Two more weeks to go before the school reopens and this brat will go to Class II.

Spell Bee

Proud and pleased that Anirud has qualified to the State Level of the Spell Bee competition. From this stage, the task becomes a little more complicated as he will have to decipher the pronunciation key and identify the right words. We are not force feeding anything now, as we don't want him to take the pressure. The State level competition will happen sometime in June / July time frame. Will keep this space updated!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, 7-year old

Happy Birthday, my dear boy!

You are a 7-year old now. Apart from the year when you were born, I have always been with you on your birthday. But this year, you are with your grand parents enjoying the summer vacation. Life is all about enjoying every moment and I am glad that you are doing that right now.

Over the last few years, I have learnt that it is easy to communicate to you by writing to you than by talking to you. By the time you are back to Bangalore from your vacation, you will find a letter waiting for you that may eventually end up in this blog one day. For now, have a great time!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Being God

On the other day, I was on a mood to pull Anirud's leg and I was telling him that I know the answers to any question that he may have.

"How do you know everything? Are you God?"

"Yes, I am", I replied and he got more excited.

"If you are God, tell me what exactly is thaathaa (grandpa) in Chennai is doing now?" and there were few more questions of this nature that I managed to fend off.

At this point, he realised that he has been asking questions whose answers that he could not verify. So, he took out the Encyclopedia and was like - "Now tell me - what is printed in page 125. Tell me all that has been printed so that I can verify".

I knew that I got cornered, so I told him that I know the answer but I don't want to tell him.

Pat came the reply, "You are not God. You are lying".


"Because, God won't be silly like this".

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Promoted to Class II. Seems like yesterday that this little fella took his first steps to the school and he is class 2 already. 'Promoted' is a little too much of a word here, considering that he is moving only to Class 2, but that is the word in the official communication sent by the school.

Well, Congratulations Anirud. You are a Class II student now. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spelling Bee: Inter School Round

The Inter-School round of International Spelling Bee competition at last happened today. We wouldn't get to know the results for the next 2 months, but we are mighty pleased with the work that Anirud put in for the competition. The number of new words that he has learnt in the process is phenomenal.

Strangely, the words that are lengthier and seemingly harder sounds easy to our brat. His nemesis are the words that has got double consonants (Ex: Pretty). Keeping our fingers crossed for the results, although we will still be happy and proud even if Anirud moves out of this round.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lucky One

Anirud considers himself as the luckiest person on the planet. Guess what the reason could be? He gets to have the tender coconut directly using a straw and also that he tasted sugarcane which was 'yummy and awesome'. Could one get any luckier than this?

Didn't someone say - Ignorance is bliss?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking Point

By nature, Anirud loves fruits and veggies. Whenever we need a quick supply of vegetables for his lunch box, we don't need to think beyond carrot and cucumber. Irrespective of what the main food is, if we toss along few pieces of carrots and cucumber, Anirud will be more than happy. And that we took him for granted on this aspect was evident when he reached the breaking point this morning.

In a very sarcastic tone, which is literally impossible to bring it in words he went on like - "Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Cucumber! Can't you think of anything else for my lunch box?"

hmm... this boy is growing up. Isn't he?

Friday, January 06, 2012


In the whole relocation and its subsequent settling-in process, one thing that we had imagined to be a cakewalk is what is proved to be a challenging one.

In UK, the apartment block we lived in had 18 flats and there were 4 or 5 children to play around. Despite the fact that there was not any opportunity / knowledge to play any team games (coz of the age of the kids), all the kids used to play together at the same time and will be visibly happy. However, most of the time weather will play spoilsport. Before moving to Bangalore, I thought this element will be addressed and expected Anirud to be outdoors most of the time.

At Bangalore, we have moved into a huge gated community that comprises of more than 1200 apartments and has all the amenities one could ask for including a huge park, two swimming pools, play area for the kids etc. Given the fact that there are so many families, in any age group there are atleast 60-100 children. Thanks to the absence of extreme weather like in UK, we could see children playing in groups all through the place.

By nature, Anirud is not an extrovert. Whether it is with adults or kids, he will take his own time (matter of hours, not days or weeks) to gel with new people. Once he is comfortable with the person, he will talk chatting / playing with them incessantly. When we moved into Bangalore about six months back, quite surprisingly (for us!), Anirud found the whole place boring because of two main reasons.

1. Other children found it difficult to communicate with him due to his heavy British accent.
2. Some of the children were really, really rude and Anirud was visibly hurt when they snubbed him whenever he approached those kids.

In order to pep up his morale, one of us made ourselves available with him after school and went to the park to play along with him. That was by no means, a permament solution to the issue and it complicated the issue even further when he got so comfortable with this arrangement that he started demanding more of our time whenever he felt like playing.

In the meanwhile, on his own he managed to get one friend (RG) whose parents also had moved back from abroad (US). RG had the same issue as Anirud and his parents were also saying that their son also had difficulty in making friends with other children. For at least couple of months, Anirud and RG were playing with one another and if RG is not around for some reason, Anirud preferred to be indoors and watch TV.

Although the issue didn't give us nightmares, it was always at the back of our mind and we felt uneasy whenever anyone (ofcourse, with all good intentions) asked if we had settled in well. Over a period of time, while his accent changed a lot, we decided to take the other issue head-on. He was clearly not comfortable with certain kids, as they have snubbed him quite a few times. While we edcuated him patiently numerous times about people getting upset with something and come across as rude characters, we did respect his preference and did not push for him to strike friendship with anyone.

We encouraged him to go out to the common areas, hang around and see if he can play with anyone. Most of the days, he came back home saying that there isn't a single character to play with. One fine evening when Anirud was wandering in the garden with his cricket bat, he was approached by three boys of his age if he cared to join them. He immediately said 'yes' and joined them and played for an hour or so. He not only had a good time with the boys, he seemed to feel very comfortable with them.

This is a small incident, but we never expected this to be a turning point. Being invited to join them is something that might have given our boy some confidence. For the last 2 months or so, Anirud simply runs out of home around 5 pm, walks straight into a group who are playing already and joins the gang. When he returns back home, buckets of sweat tells us what he has been up to. In the process, he has made some friends as well. It took a while for him to find friends here, but we are pleased that he adapted to the locale eventually on his own.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Spelling Bee

We are proud to learn that Anirud has come out as a topper in the Spelling Bee contest held at school. He patiently put in lot of effort in to this by practicing the words, whenever we demanded. When I met his class teacher during the Parent Teacher meet, she was all praise for him. The next round is an Inter School competition and that will happen in the first week of January 2012 at a different school. Wish him luck, people! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Chota Bheem

If He Man, Super Man, Spider Man etc captivated the children during our time as kids, it is the turn of Chota Bheem and his ilk now. Anirud was not an avid TV watcher in UK. He used to watch TV for a maximum of 1 hour a day and that was it. If something has changed drastically in the last 5 months after our relocation to Bangalore, it is his TV addiction and his obsession towards Chota Bheem. As most of the kid's channels have got a programme or two on one of the variants of Chota Bheem, Anirud prefers to have the TV remote in his control whenever he is at home. This is being challenged and we are putting in controls in order to arrest the addiction trend. Although those are being severely resisted, it is gradually paying results.

There is one another character that would only come a close second to Chota Bheem - it is BEN 10. As I am no where near the alien stuff, I am not sure what it is all about. All I know is Ben 10 is another one of my brat's obsessions.

Friday, November 04, 2011


All three of us had an awful fall on the road at White Field - Bangalore while travelling on a motorbike couple of weeks ago. Although it is a very minor accident by any standards, Anirud being the one sitting on the petrol tank of the bike fell on the road and sustained injuries on his head. Upon being taken to the hospital within minutes of the fall, Anirud had couple of sutures - one on the forehead and the other just below his eyebrow.

We both were very sorry to see him with the sutures, but as always he was amazingly cooperative with out any fuss. Six days after the accident, the sutures were removed and Anirud is doing well - but for the scars that still remain. Hopefully the scars will go away over a period of time.

Other than the inconvenience, if this incident lead to something, it is to prioritise the car buying!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Swagatham Krishnaa!

Swagatham Krishna! Saranaagatham Krishna!!

This was the song that Anirud sang at his school in the preliminary round of the Singing competition. He learnt the song by repeatedly listening to the MP3 of K.J. Yesudas and his mom fine tuned his pronounciation. Anirud seems to have sung it so well that he became eligible for the final round. It is rather unfortunate that he caught cold and had a terrible throat condition on the day of the finals. His teacher said that all the teachers at school and the Principal loved the way he sung that they made him sing at the staff room quite a few times.

Well, there is always a next time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tooth Fairy

It has been a while since I updated this blog, but it does not mean that there is nothing happening in Anirud's world. He has been growing up as usual, going to school, making friends, playing out, learning Hindi and he has even lost one of his tooth.

Talking about tooth, one in his lower jaw has been shaky for the last few months. Had he continued normally, it would have fallen off in few days. But this brat got so scared of the tooth and he made sure that not even a grain of rice touched that shaky baby tooth. At last, it took an inadervent knock on the jaw from his classmate that brought down that tooth and ended his misery. The myth of this age is that if one puts the broken teeth under his pillow while going to bed, the tooth fairy would take it away and leave some money behind. Anirud dutifully did his bit and guess what - the tooth fairy left him ten quid.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Schooling in India

On Anirud's first day at his new school, we were a lot nervous of so many factors. Everything was new to him. New surroundings, new teachers, new culture (in terms of school) etc. In UK, he was used to being dropped at the school gate by one of us, but here he will have to travel in a school van and we had million questions on our mind like

- Will he know which class to go to on his own?
- Would he ask around for help?
- Would people be able to understand him?
- Would he find the new environment daunting?
- Would he be frightened if he happens to see any teachers with a scale on their hand? (Few days before we departed UK he asked me if the teachers in India beat pupils with woodden scale and I assured him that he won't be touched!)

My wife and my dad took an auto and went up to the school to ensure that everything was alright and it was. We don't know what happened after he boarded the school van in the morning, but he came back home very happily.

Unlike in UK where he was not given any written home work, he was given a page to write in English and Hindi apart from few sums in Maths. The home work, as such will not take much time to do. In all, it should only take about 30~45 minutes of a child's time, but then Anirud doesn't know Hindi. Although the teaching of second language officially starts only in Class 1, in his school they have started teaching Hindi from UKG onwards. Although they haven't got very far, the other children in his class have had the advantage of learning the language for a year while he has to start afresh. While we are confident of his abilities to learn the language, we were worried that the school and importantly Anirud himself should be patient enough until he gets up to speed.

Contrary to what we thought, his class teacher and Hindi teacher have asked us not to rush him into anything. They have said that they want to give enough time for him to settle down and also that it is perfectly ok for him to take few months before he gets strengthened in the basics of the language. We are sending him for Hindi tuition as well and hopefully that should get him to the right level in few months or so.

Although we don't get to visit the school each day as we used to do in UK, communication channel between the school and the parents are really excellent. Every single day, there is a note from the teacher regarding something or the other through the school diary. Now that he has been attending this new school for more than two weeks, we are quite pleased with the level of homework that is being given, the mode of Parent-Teacher communication, the volume of books he has to carry (just about 4 notebooks) etc. I should say that the schools in India and their staff have come a long way since my days at school.

Other than Hindi and the environment itself, there hasn't been a drastic change for him w.r.t. the school. It looks like the other children in the class feel that he is talking with an 'American' accent and at times, even his teacher couldn't follow what he says. In my opinion, these are really teething issues and I am sure he will get over these very soon.

At the same time, he is also thrilled that he is being taught Yoga and Taekwondo at school. The concept of having various sections for the same class, travelling in a school bus, having interestingly named sessions like SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work), new set of friends etc are some of the things that makes school life interesting for him.

Last night I asked him as how much he likes his new school for which he said, "Infinity %". Let me say a quiet prayer that it should continue to stay that way forever.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Starting afresh @ Bangalore

We got to know our plans to leave UK exactly 40 days before we left the country. Although we had been planning to leave UK for the last few months, we were quite open about the location. So, our relocation plans depended on how, when, where I end up in terms of job.

Bangalore is new to all of us. The only thing I know about Bangalore is its infamous traffic. Thanks to the valued inputs given by our friends, we decided to find an apartment reasonably closer to my work place and find a school commutable from home - which meant that the niche schools like Padma Seshadri, Kumaran etc wouldn’t even be approached for consideration. We were meant to relocate in mid-June, which meant that Anirud would be starting school at least 2 weeks after the academic year starts, which is not bad.

Thanks to Google god, friends and the availability of forums like Parentree.in, we were able to get a list of all the schools in the area, read reviews, post questions about them in the forums and get things clarified. After shortlisting few schools in the order of priority, I started calling them one after the other. One of the things I realised during those calls is that – although the academic year in India starts in June, the admission process happens sometime in Oct/November. One seemingly well educated lady in National Public School barked at me for having the temerity to ask about school admission in May without even knowing the basic facts (that the process gets over in November). "Welcome to India", I said to myself.

For as much as we could, we tried to zero in on the schools that did not focus solely on academics. We want Anirud to have a great socio-cultural environment outside of the academical realm. We are determined not to set 'Get the First Rank in the class or 100% in a certain subject or whatever' and the likes of it as a goal in life. If he achieves that in due course, it is well and good. If not, we certainly won't have any regrets over that. All we looked for is a school where Anirud goes, feels stimulated, allowed to think, learns something new, plays well and come back home a happy child.

Our preference was to enrol him in a school that follows ICSE curriculum, as we believe that in the event of him having an opportunity to pursue his university education in UK (by virtue of being British citizens, we have the choice to visit and live in UK as we please), ICSE education will make it a lot easier.

Although the number of ICSE schools are comparitively less than the CBSE ones, there are plenty of schools that have come up to cope up with the demand. Most of them, if not all, will conduct an entrance test for the kid even if the admission is sought for Class 1. Although Anirud has nearly completed Class 1 in UK (As academic year ends in July, he was short of it by a month or so), he has to be enrolled in Class 1 again in India as the schools in Karnataka stipualate that the child should be six years of age on 1st of June of the year when admission is sought to Class 1. Anirud was a little disappointed about that but he didn't mind about it after a while. A colleague of mine who has just relocated from Australia and who has a daughter of the same age as Anirud managed to enroll her in Class 2. But we didn't prefer to do that.

The entrance test was a cakewalk for him. He was tested in English and Maths and he took about 20 minutes to answer all the questions, after which we went through the admission formalities.

While talking with the Admissions Officer of the school and later on with his Class Teacher, we highlighted few issues that we think would be concerns on a longer run.

- We have opted Hindi as the second language but Anirud doesn't know a single letter in Hindi (Kannada was the other option). He picked up French with ease in UK and we strongly believe that he will be able to do the same with Hindi given some time.

- Anirud is used to more informal / practical way of education in UK and he has been encouraged to challenge what has been said. We have requested the school to let us know if that becomes a point of concern.

- Anirud's English is good, but his accent and slang (choice of words) will be noticeably different and might be difficult to understand by others.

In short, we requested the school to give him ample time to settle down and be patient with him until then. Did the school / teachers oblige? How did Anirud find his school on Day 1? More on that in the next post.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Anirud attended Chesham Bois CE Combined School until the day before we left for India. One day when I went to pick him up from school, quite a few little girls and boys from his class came up to me and asked if Anirud would be moving out of the school for real. It was so sweet of them to tell that he will be missed badly. His friend M with whom he would have regular spat on his way back from school daily wept inconsolably for a while and she gifted him a pair of lovely shoes. It was a real good send off from the school and the Head Teacher summed up so nicely – “Quite a character he is with thirst for information all the time. He will be definitely be missed”. His classmates made a lovely hand made card. On one of the last few days, they have had a mini party as well with Samosas and Pakodas.

All of these made us think if he had been in the school for more than 1.5 years that he had actually been. Where ever Anirud studies in future, I doubt if he will like any other place as much as Chesham Bois. I am not sure if any of the teachers @ Chesham Bois read this blog, but in case you do - once again our thanks for making the school what it is.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

India Week

After a short mid-term break, the school has reopened. For Anirud's class (Class 1), this week will be 'India Week'. Every thing will be based on the theme - India.

Reason - Anirud will be attending his current school, the place he loves so much - for only two more days, after which we will be flying to India for good. How nice of the teachers and the school to dedicate a week on India to mark our ward's leaving. We will be based out of Bangalore, where Anirud will soon get to start at a new school in a week's time. In his own words, "I am going there for a better experience. I will be going to new school, learn new languages and making new friends". Every single day, he enjoyed coming to his current school and I am sure he will miss the environment, teachers, library, open fields and most importantly his friends. Thanks to him, I got to have a good run of school life from a different perspective at this age. I got actively involved in the Parent Teacher Association as well as served as a Parent Governor at the school. We only hope that he enjoys his new school as much he enjoyed here.

Before starting proper schooling here, Anirud attended a nursery called "Beehive Montessori School" in Amersham. I have no hesitation in saying that Beehive shaped Anirud's character to a great extent and it was a perfrect start that one could expect for a toddler. We will be visiting Beehive before we leave to once again thank the teachers for the great work they did.

I hope to write in detail our - rather Anirud's transition to the new environment, the challenges, inevitable comparisons, so on and so forth. Until then, good bye folks.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Sometime last month, I had to be away from home for few days on business. Quite expectedly, Anirud was not very pleased with the idea. As I had to leave on an early morning, I left him a note beside his bed. I didn't expect a reply on return, but was very pleased to find one. Nothing of literary significance out here, but a lot on emotional value.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Drama School

Anirud has been going to a Drama School (Perform) since the beginning of 2011. The idea was not to get him trained as an artiste, but to help him get over his shyness and build up the confidence. We were not sure if Anirud would really like the place and had our own concerns on how he would gel in with other children, who might be at various different stages at the drama school. Contrary to our fears and concerns, he appeared very relaxed and every week when we went to pick him up, he appeared very very happy.

Over a thirteen week period, they rehearsed songs, dance etc over a theme to enact a 45 minute play on the final day of the term. Although he used to tell us about the dance movements, songs and dialogues, we were not sure about his exact nature of the role and what he was supposed to do. On the D-day, we were pleasantly surprised to see that this brat had a lead role in the drama and he was one among the two kids to have lots of dialogues. He had a great time being in the middle and delivering the dialogues in a clear, audible way. His dancing was not that great, but he seemed to enjoy every bit of what was happening there.

It is with heavy heart that we discontinued his enrolment at Perform for the following term.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Views, Opinions etc

On the other day, we were watching the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kochi Tuskers Kerala. Normally he roots for CSK but on that particular day, Anirud told me right at the beginning that he liked both the teams and he will be happy irrespective of the team that wins. Eventually, when KTK triumphed he appeared pleased. I pulled him up for supporting Kochi Tuskers while he has nothing to do with Kerala and also that he was a CSK fan until few hours back. He gave a matter of fact reply - 'Appa, this is something I like. I will like or hate something as I wish. If I behave badly, you can correct me. But you should not tell me which team to like'. Ofcourse, he said that in a very polite tone than it appears when you read this, but the statement startled me.

I was quite shocked that he knew to think and speak to this way. On one hand, I am glad that he has an opinion, understands that it is his opinion and stands by it when countered without blindly following the crowd. I was also pleased that he conveyed the above in the most politest of the tone possible that it didn't give any room for thinking that he was being arrogant. On the other hand, I was shocked - which is massive understatement by the way. A six year old demanding that his views be respected for is something that I wasn't prepared to hear.

P.S: It is a different matter that Anirud has come back to CSK fold after seeing Tuskers out of the tournament.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


If someone asks Anirud 'How old are you?', they are most likely to see him raise both his hands and say 'SIXER' in cricketing parlance. As IPL coincided with his school term holidays, Anirud doesn't miss a single over and it does show in everything he does.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sixer. Here is a wishing that God bless you with enough strength to scale more heights. Six years have rolled by fast. Needless to say, every day has been a real treasure with you. Be the sweetie pie, as you have always been.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Karate Kid

More than three months back, we watched the movie 'The Karate Kid' (Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan; 2010). Never did we think that a movie will create such an impact in Anirud. It is a no-brainer that the movie pleased him that he started mocking the karate poses and till date at every opportunity he strikes a pose with a shrill 'oooh yaaah' cry. In the movie, Jackie Chan would ask Jaden Smith to drop and pick up his jacket several hundred times. Anirud would normally throw away his jacket on the sofa whenever he comes in. Right from the day after this movie, he always looks for a hanger and gets it to its place in the wardrobe.

Few months ago, Anirud was finding it a little difficult to manage certain little things at school. While he could treat the jokes and funny banter as they are, he was clueless about what or what not to say / do when the thin lines were breached despite the fact he knew that they were being breached. Being a kid with high self-esteem, it was very easy for us to spot that he was not exactly happy about what was going on. After due consultation with the school, we took some measures and things fell back in place reasonably soon. It was at this time, we happened to see 'Karate Kid'. I was pleasantly surprised that Anirud watched the movie with keen intent and picked up the right message. By any stretch of imagination, I wouldn't want Anirud to get physical about anythng - but what I mean is, he got the confidence to handle things on his own. When things are not alright, he just knows how to convey that appropriately and come out of it.

Months later, I gently touched upon the topic and enquired if everything is fine and he replied - "Don't worry appa. Everything is fine. If not, I will handle that and sort it out. I am just telling you so that you know".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Anitha @ Anisnest seems to think that this blog is worthy of Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks very much Anitha. Much appreciated.


1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post
2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award

7 random facts about Anirud:

1. Anirud started to walk when he was 10 months old, but for him to talk we had to wait until his second birthday.

2. As of now, Anirud sleeps for not less than 11 hours a day. When he falls short of that for any reason, he will make us regret for not giving that extra time.

3. Anirud strongly believes that he is really lucky to be in the school where he is studying now.

4. Some of Anirud's strong favourites are: Books, Books, more books.

5. In the recent times, Anirud has been banned from playing games in Daddy's mobile as they have become too addictive.

6. On a casual observation, Anirud will appear to be more of a talker than a listener. Just when you think so, he will swap roles and starts to focus / listen with amazing concentration.

7. The first movie that Anirud watched at the cinema was 'Sivaji' (Tamil) and the last one as of today was 'Despicable Me'. He does enjoys going to the movie with his mom, who takes him for a kid's movie every half term. Apart from the above, he has watched 'Thillu Mullu' and 'Maya Bazaar' innumerable times.

Passing on to all those who visits this site, which will be very few if I am right.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


During a casual conversation, Anirud told me that he was not scared of ordinary dogs, but only of bulldogs. When I asked him what he means by a bulldog, he replied 'the one that is humongous'. I was a bit taken aback by that word for which he explained 'Humongous means - very huge.. something that is bigger than enormous'. Unsure of the explanation, I looked up in the dictionary and voila.. he is right. I am glad that his learning is not confined to the teachings at home and that he is picking up words like these from other kids.

That aside, it was an interesting lesson for me and he wanted this information to be recorded in HIS blog - "it is my blog appa.. you are only an author, but the blog is mine".